Could You Be The Future CTO Co-Founder Of InspireORB?

The community dedicated to connecting and supporting it's members in their journey to making a life dream a reality & unleashing the full potential of humanity.

InspireORB Founder & contact: Rhys Morton-Ross

Start Date: As soon as possible

Location: London/from home

What is needed: Initially looking to build an MVP to get traction and marketability to be able to then take it to investors for funding. For now, this would be a part-time position meaning there would be no need for you to quit paid work, but obviously the aim would be to go full-time at this and start building the rock star team of tech guys even further to take InspireORB™ into the stratosphere and develop the site even further with plans to build apps and maybe other tools and spin off businesses.

  • About InspireORB & The Opportunity

    Currently looking for an Entrepreneurial CTO/Lead Developer Co-Founder for a new web start-up called InspireORB main site and blog Vission – vision+mission – is to build a global community of ORBers who are looking for inspiration and support in bringing their lifes biggest dreams and goals to a reality instead of thinking about them. It is also a community where everyone is there to help each other in their quest to living a life of their dreams and working together to solve some of the worlds biggest issues.

    As this is early stage and only have the basics of a wire-frame and currently the blog, I am looking for someone who is not just a good developer/programmer, but someone who is also entrepreneurial and EXCELLENT at what they do, has a keen interest in personal self development and human potential and who has big ideas and visions of their own to make a difference in our world.

    This is an opportunity to be part of something exciting, amazing and something that has the potential to make a massive difference to peoples lives around the world.

    In a nutshell, InspireORB requires someone who has worked successfully in a tech start-up, is passionate about what they do and can be a key addition to the team and future of the vision to build a community for people who have life goals and dreams they wish to achieve.

    If you can see yourself in this role and and are passionate about the possibilities and opportunities that could come from this, then you could be the one InspireORB needs.

  • Formal Education & Certification

    University degree in the field of computer science. An advanced degree in this fields is a plus.

    Preferred: MS or PhD degree from a Top UK University in Computer Science or country specific equivalent

  • Role & Description

  • As the Co-Founder CTO you will be initilly responsible for creating our functional requirements of our MVP prototype
  • Building our front end development team in London
  • Experience working as a Enterprise Technical Architect (ETA)
  • Knowledge and applied experience in business analysis
  • The ability to see how technology could improve business services and drivers, and feed those ideas back in to the business
  • You are a CTO/Lead Developer with real world developer, consultancy and BA skills
  • Personal Attributes

  • Proven leadership ability
  • Ability to set and manage priorities judiciously
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Exceptionally self-motivated and directed
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Superior analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities
  • Exceptional service orientation
  • Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment


  • Application

    Send to us a covering letter and your CV resume.

    In the covering letter please tell us why you think you would be the person we are looking for to fit this role along with listing your strongest skill-set (technical and interpersonal) and a statement about how you see yourself in the next 10 years in addition to any leadership roles you’ve had in the past.

  • Work Examples

    Provide links to project you have worked on along with your role and responsibilities, how long you were involved in the project and detail why you are no longer involved.